Rayvolt Cruzer
Rayvolt Cruzer
Rayvolt Cruzer
Rayvolt Cruzer
Rayvolt Cruzer
Rayvolt Cruzer
Rayvolt Cruzer
Rayvolt Cruzer
Rayvolt Cruzer
Rayvolt Cruzer
Rayvolt Cruzer
Rayvolt Cruzer
Rayvolt Cruzer

Rayvolt Cruzer

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    Why Buy From Watt-A-Ride

    The Remarkable Rayvolt Cruzer V3

    So much more than just a bicycle with an electric motor added! This is a machine engineered from the ground up to be the ultimate in e-bike technology.

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    The Cruzer is a timeless beauty that never ceases to turn heads and is, without doubt, a favourite among discerning  electric bike buyers who are looking for the perfect blend of modern technology and old school aesthetics. 

    Unashamedly influenced by the first era of motorcycles from the early 1900s, the counter rock culture of the 1960’s Cafe Racer, with a twist of California Beach Cruzer, this unique design is an electric ride you will never get tired of.

    Add the smart technology of Rayvolt's own "EIVA" software system to customise, control, adjust and monitor virtually every aspect of your ride via either a purpose built accessory or a simple app download. With EIVA you have definitely got all bases covered. 

    About the Motor

    The Rayvolt hub is a complex, Brushless 3-phase DC Motor with 48 copper coils and magnets placed on the very outer part of the motor perimeter. There is also a built-in Controller that receives information about heat and positioning from the coils in real time (within .0001 seconds) that it computes in order to determine where to put the next load.

    If you're interested in the techie stuff, you will no doubt now sleep better! For the rest of us, this simply means the accuracy is unmatched to produce a Pure Sine Wave current for peak performance and comfort every time you ride! There simply isn't a better choice. You get:

    • More acceleration
    • More response
    • More torque
    • Less noise
    • Less vibration
    • Less consumption


    About the Battery

    The life expectancy and performance of any electric vehicle is directly linked to the battery pack and the amount of cells used. Rayvolt uses 13 cells in a series to reach a nominal voltage of 48V. At peak voltage, a full charge of 54.6V gives incredible power. The standard battery uses a minimum of 4 cells in parallel (52 cells in total) . Or, you can select the dual battery from the accessories list above for 8 cells in parallel (104 Cells in total).

    Again, only the techies care about the details. All you need to know is this gives an unmatched capacity of 550 watt-hours and 1100 watt-hours respectively.  Considering most of the industry uses 300 to 360 watt-hours, now you know why just looking at the price tag isn't the only or even the most significant factor to consider when you are buying your new electric ride.

    If your care to know a bit more techie stuff, a watt-hour is the voltage that the battery provides multiplied by how much current (Amps) the battery can provide for any given amount of time. Voltage times Amps times hours = watt-hours.

    Suffice to say here the state-of-the-art battery management system in your new Cruzer battery ensures the best possible performance while simultaneously making the battery safer.

    About EIVA

    Not only is the Cruzer the most head-turning e-bike on the market, it is also designed around what Rayvolt calls EIVA: an “intelligent virtual assistant” that connects wirelessly to the bike control system and facilitates access to the motor and battery settings, the regenerative braking system, embedded GPS, mapping features, and diagnostics support for motor and battery.

    An Eiva® computer can be purchased and securely mounted to the handlebars or the software can simply be downloaded for use on any existing smart phone.

    • Monitor speed, battery state, MPH/KM Run & essential bike specs
    • Adjust your level of pedal assistance
    • Access advanced configurations and the exclusive Rayvolt Technical support chat service
    • Play your favourite music
    • Access GPS navigation

    About Intelligent Pedal Assist

    The Rayvolt Pedal Assist System intelligently offers a continuously varying amount of self-adjusting power assistance.

    Again, just for the techies... Dual load sensors on the electronic crank measures both the rotating speed of the crank and the torque applied to the pedal while information on the road incline and decline is relayed from the gyroscope. This information translated through the Cruzer’s intelligent processor, allows the controller to calculate how much power assistance is required for a smoother ride.

    In other words, you can set how hard you want to pedal and the Cruzer will do the rest!

    About the Intelligent Regenerative Brake System

    The Rayvolt electronic braking system is fitted into the brake levers and sends a data signal to the motor controller that provokes a reverse effect in the motor. This converts torque into resistance using the wheel inertia to generate electricity and recharge the batteries.

    Just imagine an ultra powerful dynamo when the levers are pulled and you are close to getting how the regenerative braking system works. 

    The system is also linked to EIVA’s built-in gyroscope allowing the bike to detect the cycling environment. It then provides the necessary amount of regenerative brake to take maximum advantage of every hill you go down.

    Unsurpassed attention to Detail

    A picture is worth a thousand words...


    Battery Cover

    Composite shell covered by leather


    KMC Extralong silver chain


    Rayvolt Oil Disk Brakes with E-Regenerative 10A-50A


    Rayvolt Two pieces Crankset


    Flat Rayvolt pedals


    13G for the back HUB Regular 26" for the front tire


    Double wall 40 mm wide

    Speed control

    PAS (Pedal Assist System) Thumb Throttle

    Frame / Weights

    M Size 24 Kg
    L Size 34 kg


    24"x 3" M Size
    26"x 3" L Size


    24X3.0 for 24"
    26x3.0 for 26"

    E-Drive system:

     Rayvolt EIVA ®


    Rayvolt SMART HUB 250W Speed 25 km/h


    Battery (Both life of 1000 cycles)

    SAMSUNG Li-ion Dual

    48V-21A - 40 km range

    SAMSUNG Li-ion

    48V-10,5A - 60 km range


    Li-Ion Smart Charger

    54V and 4 A. 2h30' charge time


    Without doubt the Cruzer is not an ordinary e-bike!

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