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EMOVE Roadster

EMOVE Roadster

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    So... I was speeding down a winding country road on my brand new electric ride when this bloke coming the other way leans out his car window and screams, "Slow down pig!" Needless to say I let him have a mouthful of abuse right back again. Then I rode around the corner and hit the pig! :)
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    Estimated Arrival: Between Mar 03 and Mar 07. *ETA to Australia Only

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    Why Buy From Watt-A-Ride

    Coming in 2021

    EMOVE Roadster has everything a rider is looking for in an ultra high-performance electric scooter. It will be in a class of its own. The first of its kind in the entire world. The Roadster is a true innovation done at scale, designed for performance.

    A true build from scratch design, tubeless pneumatic 3-inch racing tires, full hydraulic brakes.

    The EMOVE Roadster will be a work of art.

    General Q&A

    Who is this for?

    • Designed for performance, this scooter is made for riders who are seeking thrill and range. Best of both worlds.
    • Someone who is seeking for a leapfrog upgrade from a Cruiser
    • “The one” scooter that you have been looking for

    Should I wait?

    • If you are looking for an all-around commuter electric scooter, the EMOVE Cruiser will still be your perfect choice.
    • This will be a leapfrog upgrade from the Cruiser or anything else in that class in both pricing and specifications.
    • If you have already purchased one of our existing products, the Roadster will not make you regret your purchase.
    • Roadster is the first of its kind.
    • Release date is not definite, however, if you have successfully made the interest list, you never know.. You might just receive a personal phone call from us.
    • If you have been looking for an extreme upgrade, the Roadster will be it.