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Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter
Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter

Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter

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    Why Buy From Watt-A-Ride

    The Original Fiido Seated Electric Scooter 

    The Original FIIDO seated electric scooter has long been sought after for its compact frame, elegant features and efficiency. The Fiido Q1 comes with a front bag that can be hooked onto the handlebars, a centre bag that is Velcroed in and a rear basket. Your quick trips to the shop just got sorted!

    About the Motor

    The Fiido operates with a geared motor which means its case is connected to the stator through a planetary gear reduction system. To take the explanation one step further: in an electric motor, the stator provides a rotating magnetic field that drives the rotating armature. For every rotation of the case, the motor inside, in reality, turns many times faster. 

    Technical jargon aside, this means the geared motor system allows the motor to work at much higher and more efficient speeds thereby producing more torque and more power. You might have to be a techie to understand it, but anyone who rides this beauty will appreciate it.

    About the Battery

    The concealed battery in the the Fiddo Q1S adds a 10AH li-ion battery to the 36V, 250W geared motor to deliver far more torque than similar electric scooters using non geared motors. This also makes it well liked by heavier riders, food delivery riders and families with kids when the extra kids' seat is fitted (which come as a standard extra in the box). With the battery and charging port cleverly concealed in the seat tube, you can be assured of style, security and durability.

    About the Ride

    FIIDO Q1 is equipped with 12 inch inflatable rubber tyres that provide the smooth ride you are looking for.  The shockproof inflatable tyres are wear resistant and with their anti-slip texture you can be assured of a comfortable ride in various road conditions.  Add the padded memory foam seat and you'll be sure to ride every journey in comfort.

    About the Carrying Capacity.

    No more struggling with shopping bags tangling from your handle bars or needing to remember the back pack when you want to duck into the local store for a few goodies. The Fiido Q1 has you covered.

    About the Brakes

    Fitted with front and rear disc brakes, you'll feel safe with the assurance that you have absolute control over your speed. With the 12″ pneumatic tyres you have an electric scooter engineered with comfort and safety in mind. 

    About the Folding Capacity

    With a couple of quick and easy adjustments your Fiddo Q1 will reduce from 120 x 62 x 110cm (LxWxH) to a compact 114 x 31 x 70cm (LxWxH). Weighing in at only 20 kilograms, this is the ideal electric scooter for transportation convenience. The Fiido Q1 is easily picked up and put in your boot, carried onto a train. taken into your office or transported in your motorhome or caravan. Basically, if you are after an easy to operate, folding, seated electric scooter, you don't need to look any further.

    About the Built In Security

    The  Fiido Q1 built-in security means you are the only person in the entire world who can access your machine. No keys means no access to any of the Fiido features which means you can safely leave it parked outside your favourite coffee shop or food store. If anyone touches it without you deactivating the alarm, the neighbourhood is going to hear it!



    • 30-50km

    Maximum Speed

    • 25km/hr

    Climbing Ability

    • 15 degree - Varies according  to riders' weight

    Water Resistance Rating

    • IP34 (Suitable for riding under light rain)

    NETT weight

    • 20-kg

    Maximum Load Capacity

    • 140-kg

    Charging Time

    • 3 to 4 hours

    Folded Dimensions

    • 114 x 31 x 70cm (LxWxH)

    Unfolded Dimensions

    • 120 x 62 x 110cm (LxWxH)

    What is in the package?

    • 1x Fiido Electric Scooter
    • 1x Charging Adaptor

    Warranty Period

    • 6 Months Limited Warranty.

    If you are looking for an easy to ride machine with room to carry what you need, this is your best buy.

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