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EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter
EMOVE Touring Scooter

EMOVE Touring Scooter

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    Why Buy From Watt-A-Ride

    The EMOVE Touring is arguably one of the best scooters around this lower price point.

    Introducing the new EMOVE Touring, the only electric scooter you will ever need to travel with flair on your daily commute. The EMOVE Touring is a solid purchase with more features than you would expect for its price.

    More than Enough to Get you where you Need to Go

    The EMOVE Touring Scooter can support heavier riders with its 140 Kg load capacity. On top of that, it has more than a decent range at around 40 kilometre between charges; and with the capacity to go from 0 to 25 km/h in 4.5 seconds, it's no sloth! You'll also love its triple suspension system and the obvious quality build that makes it one of the best all-rounders among electric scooters. This scooter will see you scooting through the traffic with style whether you're a seasoned rider or a newbie to the world of electric scooters.

    Build for Comfort with Three Colours to Choose From

    The EMOVE Touring Scooter is loaded with features of larger and more expensive models. It has headlights, side lights, break lights and indicators. The EMOVE Touring is also built with portability in mind. Fold it flat for the train ride, then do the last few kilometres in styles. It comes in black, white and orange and looks great no matter which one you pick.

    Last-Mile Solution

    With this powerful electric scooter, you will be able to quickly get around without ever getting stuck in traffic. With three power modes to choose from you can control the power with mode 1 easily limiting the scooter to a maximum speed 17 km/h for safety and control. If you want more at the top end, power modes 2 and 3 will incrementally increase your full throttle capacity to more than twice that of the mode 1 reach. You can ride the streets or dominate the sidewalks - the choice is yours. Pedestrian in the way? Steer around and get on with your ride!

    Electric scooters have exploded in popularity all over Australia, and for good reason! This energy efficient mode of personal transportation is perfect for getting through that last mile of your commute as quickly as possible. Great to ride to the train station, fold up to stow, and ride in crowded city centers.

    Lightweight & Portable Makes it Easier to Own

    The EMOVE Touring Scooter is designed with carrying in mind. Featuring a simple clasp at the base of the handlebars, this scooter can fold near-flat to make transport and storage a breeze. Portable enough to easily bring into your office building or school. Can be packed into a corner, kept in a storeroom or discretely kept under your desk. Parking problems solved! 

    Ride the Wave of the Future

    Transportation experts expect e-scooters to dominate the short-distance travel industry within the next 5 years. Be an early adopter and get around as efficiently as possible! Cities are already building infrastructure around e-scooters, and you can feel good knowing they emit zero carbon into the atmosphere.



    • Brushless DC Motor
    • Nominal Watt: 500W
    • Peak Power Output: 750W

    Colour Options:

    • Black
    • White
    • Orange

    Real World Range:

    • 30 to 40 km between charges

    Battery Type:

    • 48V 13AH LG Battery with Battery Management System Protection

    Speed (subject to riders weight and riding conditions):

    • Mode one, 20 km/h Maximum Speed
    • Mode two + 50%
    • Mode three +100%


    • 8" Pneumatic Tyre on front and rear solid wheel.


    • Front and Rear Drum Brakes


    • Front Headlight
    • Front Side Lights
    • Rear Brake Lights
    • Rear Turn Indicators


    • 23A

    Cruise Control:

    • Yes

    Seat Option:

    • Yes


    • Dual Front Suspension
    • Rear Spring Suspension

    Maximum Load Capacity:

    • 140 kg

    Net Weight of Scooter:

    • 17 kg

    Charging Time:

    • 3 - 4 hours

    Unfolded Dimensions:

    • 100 x 56 x 120 cm

     The EMOVE Touring Scooter is the Ulimate "Goldilocks" Scooter...

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