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Rayvolt Torino
Rayvolt Torino
Rayvolt Torino
Rayvolt Torino
Rayvolt Torino
Rayvolt Torino
Rayvolt Torino
Rayvolt Torino
Rayvolt Torino
Rayvolt Torino
Rayvolt Torino
Rayvolt Torino

Rayvolt Torino

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    Why Buy From Watt-A-Ride

    You Deserve The Sleekest E-Bike Ride In Town.

    The Torino is a variation of our flagship model, the Cruzer. Its sleek wide tires, compact profile and low center of gravity make it an ultra high-performing City Carving Speedster. Its strong and aggressive profile, with hump-backed tubing, is reminiscent of the shape of a young bull, hence the name, Torino.

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    The Rayvolt Torino has the youthfulness and speed of a young bull and is designed for high performance. Built for agility and speed, the Torino can fly through alleyways or safely navigate large crowds of people with ease. It can easily scale up curbs and has the motor power to get you where you need to go - fast.

    The Torino is a sharper, more in-the-city version of the Rayvolt Cruzer. It carries over some of the same favorite features as the Cruzer, but on a completely different bike style, to better suit the fast pace of city life. The ergonomic structures is designed so you can easily take sharp turns and navigate through narrow city streets, without ever cramping your style. The beautiful genuine leather and steel combination, with the LED Retro lights fitted as the typical standard lights, adds up to the Torino e-bike being one of the most high-profile getaway bikes.

    About the Motor

    With a beautiful steel, hand-made frame, the Torino can house a powerful, up to 1000 watt motor, with the Power Hub option. This is one of the most powerful e-bike motors and you can feel it the moment you begin pedaling.  It has an efficient handlebar throttle like the Cruzer to make your riding experience one of a kind. Whether you are heading to work or want to enjoy a night out on the town, the Rayvolt Torino accommodates to your specific needs.

    About the Special Features

    With the Torino, you can set up your bike to sync with the Rayvolt app to control your speed per legislation requirements. Alternatively, it can easily be connected to the EIVA  “intelligent virtual assistant” that can wirelessly access the motor, battery, and regenerative braking system. Because the Torino is made for both speed and exploration, the EIVA is a worthwhile upgrade to your bike purchase if you want easy fingertip access to the technology and navigation features to enhance your riding experience.

    Rayvolt Torino Specifications

    Weight: 35 Kg

    Dimensions: 1700 x 980 x 720 mm

    Frame: Steel

    Battery Cover: Composite Shell Covered by Leather

    Grips: Rayvolt Custom Leather Grips

    Saddle: Vintage Genuine Leather

    Brakes: Rayvolt Oil Disk Breaks with E-Regenerative 10A-50-A

    Crankset: Rayvolt Two Pieces Crankset

    Pedals: Flat Rayvolt pedals

    Chain: KMC Silver Chain

    Rims: 80 mm Wide

    Speed Control: PAS (Pedal Assist System) Torque Sensor (optional) Thumb throttle (depending on your country legislation)

    Tires: 26 x 3.o Fat Tires

    E-Drive System: Rayvolt EIVA


    Rayvolt SMART HUB: 250 W (50 Nm) Speed 25 km/h

    BATTERY life of 1000 Cycles

    SAMSUNG Li-ion: 48 V-10.5 Ah

    SAMSUNG Li-ion Dual: 48 V-21 Ah


    Li-ion Smart Charger: 54 V and 4 A (2h 30’ charge time)


    Wherever you need to go, get there fast with the Torino.

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